H  A  L  L  Y     P  A  N  C  E  R 

Hally Pancer was born in 1961 and raised in New York. She studied literature at Bennington college, finishing her studies at Parsons School of Design where she earned her BFA in photography.
In 1988 after receiving her MFA from Yale University and completing a large scale project on the United States, she moved to Israel where she continued her photographic work and became a professor of photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Hadassa College of Art and Design in Haifa and Kalisher School of Art in Tel Aviv. While in the region she completed a number of social documentary projects in an effort to influence public opinion regarding the Middle East Peace process.
From 1988 through 1993 she traveled from the north to the south of Israel for her portrait series; Some Arabs and some Jews. This work was exhibited, with Amanoot La’am, throughout the country reaching both Arab and Israeli populations.
From 1994-1997 she completed the project; The Golan, a series of landscapes from the disputed territory in the north of the country. This work was exhibited in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 1997. Her project, Beyond Borders (1995-2001) was a landmark program uniting Israeli and Palestinian students in a framework of co-existence, using photography as a mediator. The fruits of this project were exhibited and implemented in various areas of conflict such as Belfast, Dublin, Belgrade, Kosovo, Jerusalem and Gaza in addition to several cities in the United States and Europe.
From 1991 through 2005, parallel to these projects, she turned the lens on her family creating the series LIFELIKE.
In 2001 she moved to Paris where she has been a professor of photography at Parsons Paris School of Design, L’école Superieure du l’art et Design (ESAD) in Amiens and CEA Global Campus in Paris. In September 2011 she will be a visiting professor at Science Po in Paris.
Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Musée Jeu De Paume in Paris and is included in private collections around the world.




1988 Yale University
MFA Photography

1985 Parsons School of Design
BFA  Photography

1981-82  Bennington College

Selected Professional Experience   (academic/professor)

2001-2010 Parsons School of Design  Paris, France
2002-present Ecole Superieur de l’art et design, (ESAD) Amiens, France
2008-present CEA Global Campus (University of New Haven, CT)
1995-2001 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1999-2001 Hadassa College of Art and Design,  Haifa  Israel
1995-1999 Kalisher School of Art,  Tel Aviv, Israel
Documenting Lifestyles/Beyond Borders: designed and implemented a photography  project between Palestinian and Israeli teenagers promoting peace and co-existence through art practices with the  International Center for Peace in the Middle East
1989-1992 Mimad School of Art,  Tel Aviv
Hapatish Newsapaper, editor, photographer
Ha’yir, weekly newspaper, Tel Aviv
The Labor Party of Israel, Tel Aviv
Yidiot Achronot, Israel’s largest daily newspaper

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Confluences, Paris
Galerie Made, Paris
Photos Originale, Paris
2008 Andrea Meislin Galley,  New York City
Paris Photo, Paris  France
Rencontres D’Arles, Arles  France  (seminar/expo)
Memoire de L’avenir, Marie de 10éme, Paris
Memoires & Identités, Ville de Romainville 
Past, Present, Future,  Parsons School of Design
2004 Cargo 21,  Paris,  France
2002 Rethinking Israel,  ifa Gallery,   Berlin
2001 Rethinking Israel   ifa Gallery,   Bonn
Portrait of a State,  Starr Gallery, Newton  Mass.

Open Ends, The Museum of Modern Art,  New York
100 Years of photography in Israel,  Mani Katz Museum, Haifa
Evidence,  American University in Cairo, Egypt
5 Straight photographers,  Bezalel Academy of Art and design
Beyond Borders, Begrade Kultural Centre,  Yugoslavia
Midrasha Teachers College, Kvar Saba, Israel
Beyond Borders,  The Puffin Room- New York, Dublin, Washington D.C., Grenoble, Paris,  Cambridge, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Gaza


Bureau D’art, Paris
Beyond Borders - Bezalel Academy-Jerusalem, Institue Français-Tel Aviv, JCC Gallery- Washington D.C., Bernard Lazare Centre- Grenoble

1997 4 Photographers,  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Social Injustice ,  Pyramida Gallery,  Haifa

Creality: fictitious reality in Israeli photography, Yavne Gallery,  Israel
The Golan Heights, Limbus Gallery,  Tel Aviv
7 Photographers from Israel,  Stadtische Galerie, Delmonhorst, Germany
Documenting Lifestyles - FNAC Montparnasse

1994 Some Arabs and Some Jews, Musée Jeu De Paume, Paris
1992 Some Arabs and Some Jews, Museum of Modern Art, Ein Herod, Israel

work in progress, The Midtown Y Gallery, New York
Helio Gallery,  New York

1989 Four American Photographers, The Artists Studio, Jerusalem

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Museum Of Modern Art, New York
Biblioteque Nationale, Paris France
FNAC Archives,  Paris
The Mokum Collection, Amsterdam  Holland
Yale University Archives, New Haven, Connecticut
Private collections: Australia, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Egypt, Israel and Palestine

Additional information (videos, appearences, symposiums) available upon request.

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