The Golan Heights 1993-1997

The Golan Heights has acquired legendary status since its annexation by Israel (from Syria) in the brutal war of 1967. A strategic location, a treasured sanctuary, or a pawn in a long drawn out game of middle east peace. Upon this writing, the golan heights remains to be a major obstacle to peace and prosperity in the region.
Will a new era in the middle east actually shift borders in the region? How will the map be different in 10, 50 or 100 years from now? What will be left when the Israelis are no loger there? Will that ever happen? How will the new residents transform it? Will they leave traces of the former inhabitants or will they destroy all reminders of a tragic era?
This was meant to be a photographic document of the golan heights. The objective was to create an oeuvre that would ferment, acquiring historic value and richness over time. They remain optimistic as the "before" pictures in a "before and after" study but rather pessimistic in their unforgiving rendering of this loaded territory. Quite simply these pictures attempt to influence public opinion by nurturing the hope that there can be a "before and after".

Hally Pancer